About us

CyberZombie is a place where we are trying to help people develop their skills by sharing our knowledge. Our focus is to spread knowledge to the community on the internet regarding cybersecurity.

We will focus on Offensive and defensive blogs. These articles are basically for beginners and experienced pentesters. We will explore each topic in VAPT (Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing) like Web application Security, Network Security, Mobile Security, API Security. We will add some checklist for doing work easily. We will add bug-bounty tips tricks proof of concepts. We will explore the red teaming simulations and how to perform a red teaming activity in an organization. We will add some OSCP path for beginners. We will do our best for our community. Kindly let us know which topics you want to learn from us. We will try to explore it


Ninad Mathpati is Cybersecurity enthusiast and a hacker with an ethical mindset. His skill set covers Web app, Mobile app, Network & API security, Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing. He has a free hand in using tools like Burpsuit, Accutenix, AppScan, Nessus, Nmap, Frida, Drozer, Postman, SIEM & Kali Linux too.

He has been rewarded and acknowledged by many companies like Mastercard, Hewlett-Packard, Gatehub, IKEA, ING Group..etc. Apart from hacking, bug bounty & Vapt, he has done work in web development developed some websites from scratch, He likes to call himself a developer first then an ethical hacker.

Sanyam Chawla is a InfoSec Enthusiast and an always ready person to guide new folks in cybersecurity. As of now, he is working in Big-4. He is having 2.5+ years in Cyber Security domain. In Cyber Security – he understands each area in app security (Thin and Thick client)VAPT, mobile security, network security. He has participated in Red team activities like bypass Edr & antivirus , Active directory enumeration / exploitation. He was working on various frameworks – like red team simulation, Mitre & Attack, post exploitation, evade antivirus. In programming language – he has basics understanding in Powershell, python. He made some open source projects for the infosec community. Apart from that, he worked with various open source GitHub and paid tools for client engagements like cobalt strike, Powershell Empire, Veil, Phantom, Metasploit, Armitage, burp, accunetix, Nessus etc.

Apart from professional experience, He has a passion and diligence for taking challenges in cybersecurity. Also, he is a kind of a guy who does bug bounty not only for the money but also for the knowledge. He holds acknowledgements from reputed companies like Google, Microsoft, Sony, Lenovo, Intel, Dell etc.

Shekhar Sarvaiya fueled his passion for security field by understanding the security risk behind different domain such as Networking, Server, web and Virtualize environment and Started Career with CCNA and VMware certification after completing Engineering.
Currently, shekhar works as a Security Analyst and reports to CTO. He looks after company’s Local and Cloud infrastruture security. Web and Network pentesting the infrastructure, creates better security policies, automate the pentesting/vulnerability assessment process and responsible for training employees to dodge the external risk and break the hackers heart.
He is also responsible to provide root cause analysis for cyber security incident and Expert in log analysis in Network devices and servers. He is experienced script writer in Python and bash scripting.
Shekhar gradually converted his experience towards security by understanding and working in different domain. He has rich knowledge of Defensive security management/implementation on AWS,Windows/Linux Servers, office 365, Network and web security.
His hunger for knowledge and determination truned him into offensive side as well. Found bugs in many organization and reconized as individual researcher. Shekhar also had his hands dirty on Kali tools, burpsuite, Nessus and many more.Apart from this, Shekhar is also experienced in Malware analysis and Malware reverse Engineering.

Tirtha Mandal is a guy with strong coding skill, who likes to work in the cyber security field. His coding skill covers Android Development, Web Development, C++, Java & Python. Apart from coding, he is having a keen interest in ethical hacking that’s where he started in the bug bounty field he has a good knowledge of the Web Security, Mobile Security, Network Security. He is also rewarded and appreciated by many companies like Intel, Tripadvisor, Western Union, Bit defender..etc. Apart from all this is also a guy who likes to contribute his knowledge to the community.